About Us


Founded in 1928, Highlands Country Club is the premier, family-oriented private club in the North Carolina mountains. The Club exists solely for the social and recreational enjoyment of its members, chosen for their congeniality and social compatibility. It is steeped in rich history and tradition, from its Donald Ross designed golf course to its community of caring members. The Club is committed to providing its geographically diverse membership with superb facilities and a dedicated and talented staff. Highlands Country Club is a responsible and involved participant in the Town of Highlands.

A Delightful Experience

Highlands Country Club is characterized by warm southern hospitality. It is a place to build upon family traditions, and to create memories and life long relationships. Its members and guests feel welcome every time they walk through the door. The mountain views, cool mornings and unspoiled nature add to what makes Highlands Country Club such an attractive environment. And it is the genuine hospitality of the ladies and gentlemen and the exquisite surroundings that make it such a distinctive place.


In 1928, when Robert Tyre "Bob" Jones, Jr. struck the very first ball christening the Highlands Country Club golf course, the founders had a feeling history was being made. Those founders, including the Colonel Robert P. Jones (Bob’s father), had engaged well-known Scottish architect Donald Ross to carve a golf course out of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Using the natural terrain, Ross designed the course with a high demand for accuracy that became the perfect practice ground for the young Bobby Jones. In the summer of 1930, the amateur Jones accomplished a feat that has yet to be equaled. He won the Grand Slam, four major golf tournaments in one year.